Friday, February 26, 2010

Bath and Stonehenge

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of traveling to Bath and Stonehenge. Bath is a town about 3 hours away from Brighton (where my university is. If you want to go with some british lingo a university is called a "uni"). It was really great looking out the window on the way there because it was all country. Imagine rolling hills with sheep and cute wood houses. I may or may not have seen a pig farm... I mean I saw a field with pigs roaming around. Lots and lots of brown pigs. I would go as far to say that yes, I saw a pig farm. However, once we got to Bath you could easily tell it is something totally different! There were perfect rows of identical stone buildings. It was a city of perfect rows and lines in the middle of the country. In the middle of Bath there is an ancient Roman bath (wonder where they got the name of the city from).
This is one of the many baths in the roman structure. This was a public bath used for swimming and play. All of the water for the baths was taken from a hot spring in the center of the structure. It was amazing to see the pipe system they used to get the water from the hot spring to the bath.
This is overlooking the public bath seen in the picture before. In the back you can see a beautiful church and statues of famous Roman figures.

This is the entrance to the structure. It just gives you an idea of what all the stone buildings in the city look like.

We got to spend a lot of time in Bath which was nice. We shopped around and got lunch at a local pub (that played club music?).
Here we are at Stonehenge!! These are my lovely American people that I like to call my friends! Spek, Michelle, and Amy. They are nice and make me laugh. It was almost surreal to drive up to Stonehenge. Once again it is in the middle of the country but there are more houses around. We were driving by a little town of houses and then BAM! Stonehenge! We had about an hour to view these random rocks, which after listening to the headsets of information I realized that they are not just random rocks!
It is still a mystery as to why they are here and why they are set up the way they are. Yes, they are huge and heavy and carved very nicely, but I think the mystery of the whole thing it was makes it so cool.
There was so much thought put into the placement of the stones. For instance, one possibility for the purpose of the stones is that it works as a calendar. One certain days of the year, the sun shines perfectly on certain stones letting the people know what time of year it was. The sun also shines perfectly on an alter in the center of the structure on summer solstice. There are crazy myths about how the stones were placed there. Some say it was the devil others say it was God. Either way, it was cool to see such amazing precision for something that was obviously organized and planned out with an unknown purpose to us.

GREAT NEWS!!! Will is arriving tomorrow!! He gets into the airport at 11:30 am and i am just bubbling with excitement! I can't sleep and so ready for 11:30 to roll around!! We are going to London for 3 nights and then hoping on the EuroStar to travel to Paris for 3 nights. Then we will hope over the water back to Birghton until he has to leave. CANT WAIT! I will update my blog when we are back in a week!