Saturday, January 9, 2010

Campus PUB

Hello everyone!

Here I am at 1:05 am (6 hours later than the time in the states) and I am snuggled up in my newly purchased pink blanket! I bought it today in Brighton! We took a trip into Brighton today for the international students to buy items they forgot or needed. Things that I bought today:

  1. Pink blanket mentioned above
  2. Hairdryer (I forgot mine)
  3. Hair straightener (the plugs in England have different watts than American plugs therefore making my straightener I brought from home BLOW UP!)
  4. Kleenex (can never have enough!)
  5. New boots (more on that to come)
  6. Hangers
  7. A lufa for half off!

I took a bus to Brighton with a bunch of international students I have met. It was only a 5 min ride, quick and easy! We went to the pound store. It’s like the dollar store but the British use the pound so it’s the pound store! Get it! Ha! It was the same as any American dollar store. A bunch of cheap stuff for cheap, obviously. Then we went to this great store where I bought my blanket and boots. I can only describe it as a Forever 21. Cheap clothes and accessories for cheap, obviously. However it had bedding and kitchen stuff too so take that Forever 21! I got some fun spunky boots! I figure if I’m going to dress fun and spunky, England is the place to do it!


That’s right. London is in a snow crisis. They haven’t had snow in forever so they don’t have the machinery or the resources to deal with snow. Sure, it has only snowed 4 inches. However, they think it is best to close airports, campuses, and shut down everything to do with life! London, it’s okay. I guess Klein High School closing down for ice is the same thing. They just don’t know how to deal with the unknown. This is why I bought some boots today. I wasn’t planning on snow (nor was the rest of the world) therefore I did not bring any proper foot attire for snow. So that is where the fun, spunky, snow appropriate, foot attire comes into play.

I am yet to unpack everything. My excuse has been that I don’t have any hangers. However, this excuses is useless now that I have hangers. I shall unpack tomorrow. Or the next day. Or the next day. Meh meh!

Speaking of procrastination, I am still yet to have classes. Yes, school does start in less than 48 hours. Fabulous.

The plan for tonight was to drink. Sure, socializing and meeting new people were also in our plans, but drinking was at the top of our list. We (being the wonderful girls I clung on to while traveling) went to go to the campus bar…oh wait.. I’m sorry… PUB. We went to go to the campus PUB tonight. We get ready to go and all grab a pint to drink. Yes that is right. I said a pint. A pint of BEER! As many of you may or may not know, I dislike beer. Dislike beer to the point that I would rather drink sour milk over beer (not true, that would be gross). Buut at the first free meal we had yesterday I thought to myself, “Hey! I’m in England! I need to have a pint of beer”. So I watched the bartenders pour some draft beers and chose the one that looked the lightest. That so happened to be Strongbow. And boy! It was delicious!!! I drank that beer like it was apple juice! I only had a pint but there was no struggle to try and look like I enjoyed it. I actually enjoyed it!!

If you Google it, you will find that it’s actually a strong cider not beer…cool.

Anyways, back to the point. The campus PUB closed at 11! Yes, you read it correct. This campus PUB, in a country that I thought could kill Americans in drinking, stopped serving at 11 p.m. We only had a chance to get ONE drink. Whelp. There went our plans to drink. So instead we socialized and now I’m in bed. It wasn’t a horrid night; I was just expecting a little more help from my strong cider friend Strongbow.


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